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My robot and me

Here’s my completed robot.
I scratch-built everything from the waist down, plus the collar and torso vents. I took more than four years to build him, but it can be done in far less than that. You could spend anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 on this project, depending on materials and features.

You Can Build the Lost in Space Robot

My robot and I are pictured in the 4th edition of Flint Mitchell's book that started it all, You Can Build the Lost in Space Robot. Click here to order your own copy from

It’s certainly possible to build the B9 robot from the classic TV series Lost in Space. All it takes is time, patience, and some money to play with. My own robot (pictured at left) is now complete, and I’ve put together some information pages to help get you started on your own project:

Original Robot Blueprint

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Photos from the B9 Robot Builders Club meeting in Cleveland – April 2004

If you're curious about starting the project, or just want to know more, The B9 Robot Builders Club is the place to explore. Click here for the site.
B9 Robot Builders Club

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Bermuda Triangle Engineering

Waist to Tread SectionThe Bermuda Triangle Plans
You can build the robot's waist, legs, knees, and tread section the same way that I did with these newly-revised templates & instructions. Click here for details.